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Gull Card FAQs

What is the Gull Card?

The Gull Card is a multi-functional card that serves as your free, official Salisbury University ID. All faculty, staff and students should carry their Gull Card with them at all times while on campus. Your Gull Card is necessary for accessing services in residence halls, University Dining locations, Blackwell Library, Maggs Physical Activities Center, computer labs, and other services throughout campus.

Your Gull Card may also be used as a debit card; a prepaid declining balance account that enables cardholders to make purchases at on-campus and participating off-campus merchants that accept the Gull Card as a form of payment.

Where do I get a Gull Card?

The Gull Card is issued at all on-campus orientation sessions. The Gull Card Office is located in the Commons Building (CB) Room 036.
Cards may be obtained by any registered student or active employee during office hours. Your initial card is free. A replacement fee of $25 is charged for all lost or stolen cards. Cards that malfunction with no apparent damage are replaced free of charge. You may contact the Gull Card Office at 410-543-6053 or by email at gullcard@salisbury.edu .

Where can I deposit money on my Gull Card?

There are various ways to make a deposit to your Gull Card account.

1. Twenty-four hours a day, from anywhere in the world, you can make deposits by visiting our website and accessing your account to pay by Visa or Mastercard.

2. Mail your initial deposit (check ONLY), payable by check to Salisbury University (minimum $25) to the Cashier's Office, Salisbury University, Salisbury, MD 21801-2195.

3. Additional cash deposits may be made at all CVC (Gull Card Cash Value Station) locations. CVC locations require a $1 minimum deposit. CVC machines are located in Blackwell Library and the Commons, adjacent to the cashier's stand.

4. In-person deposits (cash/check ONLY) may be made at the Cashier's Office, Holloway Hall Room 219.

What happens to the money on my Gull Card from semester to semester?

Money deposited onto your Gull Card transfers from semester to semester and can be used over the summer as well. If you graduate or withdrawal from the University you can fill out a form available in the Gull Card office for a refund of the amount on  your Gull Card. This form would then be submitted to the Cashier's office and processed. You should receive a check for the full amount within six to eight weeks.

*Dining Dollars do not transfer over and must be used up by the end of each semester.

What do I do if my card is Lost / Stolen?

Call the Gull Card Office immediately at 410-543-6053. We will promptly invalidate your account and protect your funds from unauthorized use. If we cannot be reached, please notify or University Police at 410-543-6222.

You can also deactivate your card through accessing our website and managing  your account (under the support tab).

Please visit the Gull Card office as soon as possible for a replacement card! You will not be responsible for any purchases that occur after official notification has been received by one of the aforementioned offices. There is a $25 replacement fee for each Gull Card.

What do I do if I lost or forgot my account password?

You can reset your SU network password by using the Salisbury University MyPassword website

Can I get Cash off my Gull Card?

At this time, you are not able to take cash off of your Gull Card. If we were to "payout" cash the Gull Card program would technically be functioning as a bank. In doing so we would need to conform to banking regulations. If this were the case, we would need to initiate several fee structures to support such an endeavor.

What do I do if I think I have an incorrect charge on my account?

Firs,t you would want to log on to your Gull Card account via our web page and view your account history to get an up to date list of your transactions.

If you still believe that there is an incorrect charge on our account or don't understand certain charges on your account, please contact the Gull Card Office by stopping by the Commons Building Room 036, calling 410-543-6053 or sending an email to gullcard@salisbury.edu .